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Writing and Blogging

Writing is and has always been one of my passions. Content Cosmos is my creative baby, my world, my cosmos. The logo, the meaning of the name, the pictures and stories… Everything was thought, presented and crafted with love and dedication!


The blog was born to collect and share my travel and other related experiences with friends, family and anyone who is interested in reading about my adventures.


It is true that I have stopped publishing, but I have never stopped writing. Since 2020 I am part of a Creative Writing Group here in Frankfurt. We write in Spanish and even participated in Expuestas, where we presented our texts in front of an audience.

I currently write short texts in which I play with words, their meanings and never stop questioning them. I am thinking of sharing my texts in a podcast.

If you want to take a look, you can find some of my texts, illustrations and pictures here.

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